Elizabeth Meyer School People

H.Wei photo

Dr. Helen Wei

ECE Principal

Helen Wei is in her fourth year as Principal of Meyer School. Previously, she has serve...

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Angela DeMay

Director of Student Services; McKinney-Vento Liaison & DCFS Liaison

Angela DeMay has worked as Assistant Director for Student Services in the Wilmette Publ...

L.Nissan photo

Lyla Nissan

District EL Coordinator

Middleton students and families might recognize Lyla Nissan from her previous classroom...

Shining Star

Rabia Abbasi

ECE Early Bird Supervisor

M.Bhatti photo

Mahwish Bhatti

Playground & Lunchroom Supervisor

I.Borges photo

Iida Borges

Kindergarten P.E. Teacher

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Photo of Alvin Carter

Alvin Carter

Custodian / Bus Driver

C.Castellini photo

Carolyn Castellini

Kindergarten Art & Music Teacher

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D.Chen photo

Debbie Chen

Preschool Teacher

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S.Desta photo

Shewaye Desta

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Photo of Stephanie Dickstein

Stephanie Dickstein

ECE Social Worker

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R.Douglas photo

Rachel Douglas

Kindergarten Special Education Teacher

  • sites.google.com/sd735.org/mrsdouglaskindergarten/home (opens in new window)
Photo of Amanda Dunakin

Amanda Dunakin

ECE Instructional Coach

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J.Eisenstein photo

Joann Eisenstein

ECE Administrative Assistant & Registrar

K.Frankel photo

Kirsten Frankel

ECE Speech & Language Pathologist

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L.German photo

Laura German

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Shining Star

Selina Haroon

Preschool Instructional Assistant

D.Hasenstab photo

Derek Hasenstab

ECE Administrative Assistant

J.Huynh photo

Jenny Huynh

EL Kindergarten Teacher

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U.Ikanovic photo

Una Ikanovic

ECE/Kindergarten EL & Special Education Teacher

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Photo of Gay Kanda

Gay Kanda

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Photo of Amy Kelley

Amy Kelley

ECE Librarian

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Shining Star

Jessica Kushner

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

T.LaBarbera photo

Torrie LaBarbera

Kindergarten Teacher

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M.Marks photo

Madison Marks

Preschool Instructional Assistant

K.McCann photo

Dr. Kristen McCann

ECE School Psychologist

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Photo of Kathryn Murray

Kathryn Murray

Kindergarten Interventionist

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Photo of Ashtar Nahhas

Ashtar Nahhas

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Katie Orleans, R.N.

Katie Orleans, R.N.

ECE School Nurse

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Photo of Hannah Saibert

Hannah Saibert

Preschool Teacher

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Photo of Aasia Shahid

Aasia Shahid

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Photo of Heena Shaikh

Heena Shaikh

Preschool Instructional Assistant

Shining Star

Paulina Sidorkiewicz

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Photo of Abra Siegler

Abra Siegler

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Donna Smith

Donna Smith

NTDSE Occupational Therapist

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L.Solomon photo

Lillian Solomon

Kindergarten Teacher

  • sites.google.com/sd735.org/yawanisclassroom/home (opens in new window)
L.Spector photo

Lisa Spector

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

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Francesca Whitney

NTDSE Administrative Staff

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