About Our Logo

During the 2024-2029 Strategic Planning process, Skokie School District 73.5 initiated a redesign of the district logo. A local graphic designer was hired to conceptualize a design based on our district guiding principles. Attention and effort was directed at representing our students, our schools, our faculty, and our staff. The logo would also become a vehicle for student artwork.

After several months of drafts, discussion, and design a logo was finalized:

v23 Skokie73.5 logo

“The half circle represents the district (the ‘half’ in 73.5), with the 3 inner circles representing the 3 schools: innermost being Meyer, with the second and third circles gradually opening, representing the growth of the students themselves, and their education (i.e. opening their minds through education). The additional rings extending from the district half circle represent the ‘support’ of students by district administration, staff and faculty throughout their education.”

In spring of school year 2022-2023, students worked with their art teachers on designs to embed in the center of the new Skokie73.5 logo. The student submissions were reviewed anonymously by the Superintendent and Board of Education President to identify those that best represent our district priorities through the eyes of a student. The graphic designer then reviewed the finalists to ensure the artwork could be digitized for use in print, online, and in various sizes.

In February 2024, we proudly introduced the first student artwork to be digitized and embedded in the new logo. The art that is currently in the center of the district logo was designed and drawn by Cat S. during her 5th grade year.

v23Skokie73.4 Logo featuring student art by Cat S.