Board Goals

The goals of the Skokie District 73½ Board of Education are as follows:

  • Goal 1 - Student Achievement
    School District 73.5 will ensure that all students reach the highest level of personal achievement possible in all areas of education and is committed to establishing an early foundation for student success.  Overall student achievement should reflect a strong mastery of fundamental academic areas including analytical and critical thinking skills.  We also recognize the importance of developing the whole child, and are committed to incorporating programs that emphasize social, physical, and creative growth.
  • Goal 2 - Culture
    School District 73.5 embraces its diverse community and promotes the value of civic responsibility and respect for individual and cultural differences.  We will ensure a safe and positive learning environment by cultivating and sustaining strong relationships among students, staff, parents, and the community at large.
  • Goal 3 - Finance
    School District 73.5 is committed to providing high quality educational programs in a fiscally responsible manner.  It is the Board's goal to ensure long term financial health by developing sound fiscal policies and procedures and seeking alternative financial solutions to adequately finance the District's programs.