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Dr. Zipporah Hightower


Dr. Zipporah Hightower is in her second year as Superintendent of Skokie School District 73.5. Her focus is to increase student achievement by 1) ensuring the district is a welcoming environment, 2) increasing staff diversity to mirror the student population through hiring and retention policy and practice, and 3) accelerating instruction with a focus on literacy.

Hightower began her career 27 years ago. She was a math teacher for ten years and a principal for five years in Chicago Public Schools. 

For almost ten years, Hightower developed all stages of the principal career path in the roles of Executive Director of Principal Quality at Chicago Public Schools and Executive Director of City Program Management for the New Leaders National team. Hightower developed transformational school leaders through policies and practices that allow great leaders to succeed.

Dr. Hightower completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Chicago State University and master’s and doctoral degrees at National Louis University. Her dissertation was titled "Advocating for a Safe and Supportive School Environment: A Policy Advocacy Document."

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