Around Town: SEED Applications Open Soon!


Skokie Cares is sponsoring its fifth SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) seminars for people who live or work in Skokie or have children enrolled in a Skokie school.

Beginning in September, SEED seminars will be offered in a series of nine monthly, in-person, 3-hour sessions designed to drive personal change towards greater equity in our organizations and community. Skokie School District 73.5 is a host site for this year's SEED seminars.

Applications to join a SEED seminar will be accepted through the website beginning August 1st. SEED welcomes everyone, and strongly encourages people of color, people who identify as LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities to apply. Spaces are limited and there is no fee for individual participants. 

Organizations serving Skokie whose employees or board members are accepted for SEED will be charged tuition of $300 per participant to help offset the costs of running SEED cohorts. Limited scholarships are available to assist with tuition.

Visit to learn more about Skokie Cares and the SEED program.


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