Board Reorganization Meeting

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On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, the current Board of Education will hold a short regular meeting to vote on unfinished business.

This will be the last Board meeting for Board President Nicholas Werth, Board Member Crystal Johnson, and Board Member John Wash, who will be retiring from their service on the Board. Board members Bushra Amiwala, Carla Arias, and Kelli Nelson will remain on the Board and continue their terms. 

Following the conclusion of the business conducted at the Regular meeting, the Reorganization meeting will take place, which includes new Board member oaths, the seating of new members, the election of Board Officers, and the appointment to Board Committees.   

Newly-elected Board members Maureen Jacob, Victoria Wolfinger, and Ashley Wooten, in addition to current Board Vice President Emily Twarog Miller, who was reelected to the Board, will take their Oath of Office.

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