Cheerleading Information

Expectations and guidelines for a successful season

Behavior & Academic Expectations

McCracken cheerleaders are expected to...

  • Respect all squad members during practice and at games. This includes the captain/co-captains, as they serve as the leaders of the squad(s). 
  • Respect other schools’ cheerleading squads. This means following cheer etiquette (positive role model and encouraging) and not cheering when they are cheering. 
  • Be ready for practice and/or games on time and in uniform! This will ensure that we can be the best squad possible. If someone is late or absent, it affects the entire squad as cheers and routines rely on all of you being there. For all home games we will meet in the MPR at 3:15 to practice before games!
  • Be at all practices and games, unless you are absent from school on a practice or game day. If you are absent from school, then you cannot cheer at a game on the day of the absence. 
  • Be responsible for yourself (behaviorally) and your school work (academically). This means that your behavior should be appropriate at all times. If you have to miss practice or a game, you need to let your cheerleading coach know. If you are on the Ineligible List, per McCracken school policy, you may not attend practices or games for that entire week.
  • Listen to and respect your cheerleading coach.

Practice & Cheering Schedule

The schedule of practices and games for the entire cheering season is distributed at the first practice. Please use it! Mark the dates in your assignment notebook and place the calendar on the wall in your house! Any changes to the schedule will be announced during Advisory, so listen carefully to the morning announcements. Remember: The squad functions best as a whole… we need everyone! 

Registration Form & Fee

There is a fee to participate in cheerleading, just as with any other sport or extracurricular activity at Oliver McCracken Middle School. This fee covers participation in the squad. You may not receive your uniform until this amount is paid

A white turtleneck and purple spankies (which are both yours to keep) will cost an additional $22 ($15 for the turtleneck and $7 for the spankies).


You will be issued a uniform once you turn in your registration form and fee.  You will need to return the uniform at the end of the season in the same condition as you received it at the beginning of the season.

Please be sure to take good care of your uniform – clean/wash it appropriately! You may not make any permanent alterations.

Please be sure to wear your turtle neck and spankies under your uniform. Hair ribbons (for you to keep) will be provided by the captain and co-captain.

Cheerleaders are required to wear their uniform to school on game days, with a white turtleneck and spankies underneath the uniform, white socks, and white gym shoes. The squad will all wear black leggings to/during school on cold days. Everyone should all wear the same thing.