Instructional Technology

Technology has become an increasingly important part of the academic program in Skokie School District 73.5. Instructional Technology provides faculty with the necessary resources to implement and integrate technology solutions that enhance teaching and learning. The district’s goal is to:

  • provide students access to technology resources that will enhance and improve student learning
  • provide a curriculum that produces digital citizens.
  • provide faculty with the knowledge to effectively use technology resources so they can support student learning
  • assist with the design, development, and implementation of pedagogically appropriate educational resources so they can support student learning
  • explore new technologies and to find innovative ways to improve student learning

Technology Resources

  • iPads
  • Chromebooks 
  • Interactive Whiteboards and TVs
  • Digital Tools that Support the Curriculum

iPads and Chromebooks are both used to improve student learning, by providing students access to digital resources and collaboration tools. In the primary grades iPads were selected by our research committee because the device was found to better meet the needs of our students. In 1st and 2nd grade students have access to Chromebooks in addition to iPads for the purpose of developing keyboarding skills and gaining familiarity with the device for transitioning to 3rd grade. By 3rd grade students transition to a Chromebook which is more similar to a traditional laptop. Having access to this cloud based laptop, with a fully functional keyboard, allows students to learn keyboarding skills in order to communicate and collaborate in a college and career ready way.

Technology Plan

The district technology plan is a document that is updated yearly. The purpose of the document is to outline the vision and direction of the district’s instructional technology program and the infrastructure that supports it. The technology plan consistently outlines a three year period. The document highlights initiatives, professional development, projects, resources, research, and infrastructure.