Strategic Plan UPDATE: Version 1 Review & Feedback

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March 15, 2023

We are excited to share and invite your feedback on Version 1 (v1) of the Skokie District 73.5 Strategic Plan! The plan is organized into three primary sections:

  1. Big Aims: What are the big issues that we are seeking to impact as a result of our strategic plan?
  2. Strategic Objectives: What are the specific goals that we would like to achieve and how would we know whether this goal has been achieved?
  3. Strategies: What are the key strategies being suggested; strategies that are envisioned as necessary for achieving our Strategic Objectives/Big Aims?

At this time we ask that you please visit our website for more information, links to the Version 1 Strategic Plan document and the v1 Strategic Plan Feedback Form, and an opportunity to provide your insights for strengthening any part of the plan. The document and the form can be Google translated into several languages.

Please submit your feedback by March 31st.

Thank you for your time and participation in our Strategic Planning process.


Dr. Zipporah Hightower


Dr. Emily Twarog Miller
President, Board of Education