Welcoming Environment: Fall Fest Celebration

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September 26, 2022

Dear District 73.5 Parents,

Last school year, we had at least 30 students in one building opt out of Halloween activities. This concern was brought to the Board of Education’s Equity Committee, Vice President Kelli Nelson, Secretary Bushra Amiwala, and me. 

We want to ensure our district is true to our Equity Mission Statement: We commit to teaching, learning, and growing to identify and dismantle inequitable systems and create a community where barriers are removed. This year, we will not celebrate Halloween during the school day. We plan to replace Halloween with a Fall Fest.

This action will require us to select a day when all students can participate in our Fall Fest celebration. The change will demonstrate our commitment to Priority 1: Welcoming Environment.

We recognize both adults and children enjoy dressing up in costumes. The suggestion would be to find opportunities throughout the year to dress up as book characters or different themes. 

The goal is not to lose the fun and joy. The goal is to not exclude any students.

We would like your input on ideas for a Fall Fest. Please share your ideas, and also let us know if you would like to participate in the Fall Fest planning.

Below are a few questions we anticipate parents and students might ask:

  • Statement: “It really doesn't affect that many kids. They can just stay home. It excludes my student from being able to participate in Halloween.”  
  • Response: Our district has committed to creating a welcoming environment that focuses on inclusivity. Halloween is a fun activity that students can enjoy when they return home. We must consider other celebration opportunities within the school day that include every child.
  • Statement: “You are taking away my child's right to have fun.”
  • Response: The district's goal is to create a Fall Fest, so no child in our district is excluded. We encourage you to assist us in reimagining a Fall celebration.
  • Statement: “We have always celebrated Halloween. It is a tradition in our school.”
  • Response: Our district's Equity Mission Statement expects the members of our school community to recognize when members of our community do not feel welcome. We must dismantle the system causing harm, even if it is a tradition. Only then will we be able to imagine a better reality for all.


Dr. Zipporah Hightower