Food Service

All students are eligible for one free lunch per day during the
2021-2022 School Year

Student eating an appleAll full-time students who eat lunch at school have the option of purchasing a lunch or bringing a bag lunch from home. Students have the option of purchasing a full lunch, which includes an entrée of the day (meat/meat alternative and grain), fruit or fruit juice, vegetable, and milk. A full lunch costs $3.09 for the 2020-2021 school year. A student must take at least three of the five components (at least one of these must be a fruit and/or vegetable). If a student forgets his or her lunch, or does not have money to purchase a lunch, the student will be allowed to debit his or her food service account up to $6.00.

Notification of low student balance accounts and negative balance accounts are sent to the parent via email at least once a week. A parent can view their students balance anytime through the Skokie School District website. A parent must set up an account at MyMealtime Online in order to view a student’s balance. Student food service accounts may be replenished by physically bringing a check/cash to the lunchroom or by paying with a credit card through the Skokie School District website.

The Business Office will attempt collection of negative balances when the amount owed is more than the cost of five lunches. Students with outstanding balances will not be denied lunch. Outstanding fees of any kind may impact the student’s ability to participate in after school paid student activities. Continual failure to provide meal money may require the District to notify the DCFS and/or take legal steps to recover the unpaid meal charges, up to and including seeking an offset under the State Comptroller Act, if applicable.

Please see Board of Education Policy 6:50, School Wellness, for information about the district's commitment to student wellness, nutrition guidelines, and goals for nutrition education and physical activity in school.