Little Library Restoration Update

Middleton's Little Free Library

The following is a revision of our July 15th post about the Middleton little library.

In early July, Middleton's two little libraries were destroyed. Our July 15th District News and social media announcements about the incident and restoration were brief and did not include complete information.

Thank you to all who shared additional details, and to everyone who contributed to the restoration.

The little library near the Gilbert Garden (on the right in the accompanying photo) was rebuilt by an anonymous friend and neighbor. Their woodworking skills, combined with original art painted by one of our students, brought the little library back to life.

Community member Elana Jacobs arranged a replacement for the little library located near the park adjacent to Middleton. This library was installed by custodian Jose Rodriguez early in the morning on July 16th.

Middleton Instructional Assistant Tsetsegmaa Gomez and her family coordinated and connected the "restoration team," Buildings & Grounds Director Peadar Hurley and his crew installed the new libraries, and our amazing community of neighbors and staff helped restock them with books.

We are truly #BetterTogetherSD735.


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