SD73.5 Response to George Floyd Verdict

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Over the past several weeks, the country watched, waited, and many held their breaths as the trial of George Floyd’s murder was being argued. Cities and towns around the country set into motion their plans for keeping their cities safe, in case the verdict led to more protest and civil unrest.  

Yesterday evening, after the verdict was rendered, The Philadelphia Inquirer published the following timeline:

  • Recap: Relief, calm, and a sense that ‘justice was served’...
  • Activists say verdict is call for continued action
  • Local progressives say more needs to be done for justice
  • Biden says Floyd murder ‘ripped the blinders off’ systemic racism
  • Praise in South Jersey for jury verdict

More statements may be read HERE.

Many people in this country breathed a sigh of relief after the verdict and indeed felt justice had been served, but the 3rd point listed above, powerfully states, “more needs to be done for justice.”

The trial is over and the wrong doing has been acknowledged, however this is not a time to celebrate and declare equity has been achieved — racial equity in America is a problem. There is much work to do around the country, as well as in our own community.

As you are aware, District 73.5 has done the following over the past year:

  • Conducted an Equity Audit
  • Formed a Diversity and Equity Leadership Team
  • Adopted a Resolution on Racism and Racial Equity
  • Publicly acknowledged our support of our AAPI community

We are committed to reviewing our policies, practices and procedures to ensure we are operating equitably. We ask that you join us in the work to eradicate racism, as we strive to make this world and our district a better place for our students and community.  

Until every member of our community feels they have the same opportunity, access to resources, respect, and safety, we must continue to take action.

Better together,
Dr. Zipporah K. Hightower

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